You Asked – We Answered

1.) How do I turn in my team’s money and what is the deadline to pay?

Payment is due at the time of registration via PayPal – we will be accepting online payment/registration until July 15th at 7pm. We will also accept teams signing up at packet pickup.

2.) Can I have more than 5 people on a team?

We first ask that before attempting to have one team of 6, that you work on two teams of 5…logistically this is easier for supplies and organization purposes. If you still can’t fill up a second team, email and we’ll work something out with either allowing a 6th member or adding that person to another team of 2-4 who are looking for someone to complete that team.

If you are approved for a 6th person on your team, payment for that individual will need to be made via PayPal.

We will accommodate as many requests as possible – but keep in mind that the same amount of beer will be distributed to your team if you have 5, 6, or 7 people.

3.) Where do we meet/start the day of the event and how do I know which bar to go to next?

The pub crawl is from 12-4pm and the after party from 4-6pm. During packet pickup on July 17th(Friday 6-8pm), your team captain will receive your map. We will be doing a shot-gun start to prevent long lines at the bars. Thus, you will start the crawl at the bar assigned as your #1.

4.) How do the t-shirt sizes run?

The t-shirts sizes will be a unisex size. They will be Hanes tagless shirts.

5.) Is my registration fee Tax Deductible?

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; save your receipt from PayPal as a portion of your registration fee may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for appropriate guidance.

6.) I have an incomplete team but still want to participate – what do I do?

We will make certain to accomodate any/all individuals or teams who are interested in participating. Simply send us an e-mail at and we will try and work something out.

7.) Do I need to tip at the bar?

YES, YES, YES. The bars have been kind enough to provide us with a venue and staff to accommodate all of your Pub Crawl needs. Please treat the staff with respect and take care of the staff who have been kind enough to keep you “HYDRATED”.

8.) How do I get home safely?

Uptown Crawl for a Cure has contacted numerous taxi companies to have them available the day of the event. We are also working to get discount coupons – but we believe in safe driving and tipsy driving IS drunk driving. If you find yourself in need, find someone with a STAFF shirt on and we will help you and your team ASAP!